Our Bottles



You see this term on bottles but do you know what it actually means? rPET mean not only is it recyclable its also comes from plastic that has been recycled over and over again, effectively stopping the cycle of new resin creation. Why not add to your own green story and use a product that leaves a smaller footprint. Great West Water Co uses only rPET bottles for production so that we may also add our contribution in lessening our footprint. We work the cost of these bottles into our everyday price so we can in the most cost effective way help you send the message to your customers as well.



Our most popular bottle by far is the Bullet Bottle.  This bottle helps maximize label space while offering a sleek, high quality look. Paired with our high quality Reverse Osmosis water and a stand out label,  you have in hand, a high quality product from start to finish.



If you have another bottle in mind please don’t hesitate to ask. Great West Water Co focuses on the bottle mentioned above as it is our best seller, however we will work with you to source a bottle shape and size to suit what you are trying to accomplish.